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What is Post-school Pathways?

Decisions students make at school have an immediate impact upon the choices they wish to make in the future.  With a rapidly changing workforce we, as a community, are now more aware of the need to develop an understanding in our younger generation of their own personal and academic strengths in order to guide them towards successful career choices.  As a result, careers education within schools is now moving towards a whole-school approach known as post-school pathways education.

To make effective decisions and a successful transition from school students require information and support to allow them to plan their pathway.  Students who are more engaged in their education pathways and have a clear understanding of themselves will enhance the choices they make in the future.  

The Post-School Pathways Program at the College is designed to support students by:

  • Developing their knowledge of self – their strengths and attributes
  • Designing Career Action Plans
  • Providing information on future career options, including required knowledge, skills and educational requirements
  • Assisting students in making informed decisions about subject choices and post-school pathways.

Year Group Program

Year 7
Students use a range of activities to uncover their strengths and interests. This helps students to develop a positive self-image about who they are and provide potential pathway options for future consideration.

Year 8
Students learn to identify how their personal characteristics such as attitudes, values, behaviours etc can influence future career decisions.  They begin to explore how positive learning habits and study skills can influence their future career choices as well as subject choices.

Year 9
Students begin to investigate the different types of employment opportunities available and how a knowledge of one’s self will guide a particular career pathway.  Students focus on the first steps in acquiring job ready skills, such as a creating a resume.

Year 10
Students begin the process of creating a Career Action Plan as they explore post-school pathways.  Using workshops and online tools students reflect on their personal attributes, explore potential future pathways and craft an action plan to achieve this goal.

Year 11
Students continue to develop their Career Action Plan.  Students investigate the requirements for their post-school options through wellbeing sessions, attendance at tertiary information sessions and development of job ready skills.

Year 12
Students will refine their Career Action Plan to suit their potential options. Students continue to develop their knowledge of post-school options through information sessions covering topics such as university applications and employment skills.  One-on-one appointments with the Post-school Pathways Coordinator are available to investigate and plan future study options.

Services offered by the Post-school Pathways Coordinator

Services include:

  • One-on-one interviews to plan pathway
  • Facilitating in-school presentations by tertiary institutions
  • Assistance with all application processes, including the Educational Access Scheme
  • Providing general post-school pathway advice
  • Assistance with study pathways opportunities at TAFE and Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College (SCCVC) Burwood
  • Employment skills, such as creating a resume.