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Parent Engagement

The College has embarked on a new model of parent engagement with the formation of a Parent Engagement Group.

The Parent Engagement Group, consisting of parent and carer representatives from all year levels, provides a parent voice for broader College decisions. These could include various College reviews, parent communication strategies and learning/wellbeing initiatives for our students.

Each Year level is supported by Parent Year Coordinators (a team of four/five parents).

A Parent Year Coordinator’s role is two-fold:

  • part of the Parent Engagement Group meeting approximately twice a year; and
  • overseeing the coordination of one Year level event.

Each Year level (7-12) hosts an annual College event:

  • The Year 7 Welcome Evening
  • The Campus Experience Evening BBQ
  • The Mother’s Day Mass and Dinner
  • The Father’s Day Liturgy and Breakfast
  • The Year 12 Graduation supper
  • The Year 6 Orientation Afternoon Tea.

These opportunities allow parents and carers to engage in an activity which has a focus on “friend-raising” among parents. In addition, they build community and provide a satisfying opportunity to “pay it forward” by modelling service to another group of parents.