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Learning Support

The College has an inclusive approach to student learning, providing opportunities for all students to develop their full potential.

The Learning Support Team works in close collaboration with students, parents and House Coordinators to enable students to integrate into the social and academic life of the College. Those students who need additional support are assisted individually, in small groups or with the support of learning support officers in the mainstream classroom.

We aim to support and promote the values of inclusion.

The College supports a collaborative approach to learning and deciding on reasonable adjustments to accommodate the needs of all students. Specialist teachers and learning support officers assist students across all subjects enabling them to access the curriculum and achieve success.

The Learning Support Team provides:

  • A Transition Day for incoming students who will need extra time and support to learn the routine and timetable of the College.
  • Development of individual profiles, background information and strategies to assist these students as well as an Individual Educational Plan.
  • Ongoing individual and small group support for all assessment tasks and exams.
  • Support in designated classes.
  • Ongoing identification and assessment of students who may need additional support.
  • Referral to specialist support services such as psychologists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists.
  • Assistance to teachers with the differentiation of assessment tasks and the curriculum.
  • Work Experience Program and access to TAFE or Vocational Pathways.
  • In-school work experience programs to improve self-confidence and social skills.
  • Application to NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA) for Higher School Certificate Disability Provisions.
  • Guidance and support in the provision of Life Skills.
  • Exit meetings to access supported employment services and post school education.

Marist Sisters’ College is committed to catering for individual differences and actively encouraging all students to achieve their potential. As part of this responsibility we believe that students with diverse learning needs should be offered a supportive school environment, which provides for their pastoral and academic wellbeing.