Happenings at the College: Congratulations to our HSC Students

Congratulations to our 2018 HSC class.

Following the release of HSC and ATAR results last week, it is extremely pleasing to see their hard work and commitment rewarded. The HSC highlights at this time are:

All Rounders: Jacqueline Michalopoulos

Top Achievers: State Placings
4th in the State in the Italian Continuers- Jacqueline Michalopoulos

School Ranking: 106

TOP ATAR: 98.75

83% of our courses results ranked above state average.
33% of students achieved a Band 6.
81% of students achieved a Band 5.

First in the Diocese:
English Extension 2 Eliza Jones
Music Extension Hee Rim Hah
Italian Continuers Jacqueline Michalopoulos

Selected for HSC Showcases:

ART EXPRESS: Mari Ohanes

Nominated for HSC Showcases:

Core Performance Chiara Liucci
Core Performance Esther Monck
Core Performance Ariana Potenziani

ENCORE: Hee Rim Hah

Maya Cole
Mari Ohanes