Happenings at the College: Academic Challenge

Hypatia’s Academic Challenge

In August of each year, Sydney Catholic Primary schools migrate to Woolwich to compete in a series of trials that have become known as the all girls Hypatia’s Academic Challenge!

This competition sets girls highly rigorous tasks that pushes their mathematical, creative thinking and general knowledge to their absolute limits … and beyond.

Its namesake was a vivacious female philosopher from Alexandria, Egypt, who lived in the fourth century CE. According to Socrates of Constantinople, she was known for being one of the most prominent philosophers of her age. She delivered rigorous lectures on Plato and Aristotle in northern Egypt, as well as giving lively public debates on the streets and in Forum. On the day, the girls from Sydney’s Inner West and Northern suburbs channelled her genius by embracing all challenges they were set with gusto, good humour and spontaneity.

Congratulations to the winners on the day:

● Year 4 – Villa Maria Hunters Hill

● Year 5 – St Michael’s Lane Cove