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Information Services

The library has a long history of supporting teaching and learning at the College. Our new library, Jarnosse, which in the 21st Century is really more an information facility, opened in 2009 and provides the College community with a rich, dynamic and contemporary teaching and learning space at the functional heart of the College. Spacious, welcoming and light-filled, it is designed to meet the information and recreational needs of both the staff and the girls while fostering and encouraging a love of learning and literature.

No longer populated by rows of desks, books and silent readers, Jarnosse is a lively and active space where classes gather, groups consult and work together and individuals research in formal or casual areas throughout Jarnosse. Smartboards, laptops, printers, scanners and ELMOs  have equal place alongside books and magazines, and cameras, projectors, laptops, DVDs and iPods move in and out as often as the books.


Assisted by Jarnosse staff with specialized skills, the new facility provides support for learning and teaching and an environment where students develop information literacy as they identify their information needs, then find, engage with, create and present information in a variety of formats using a wide range of resources and technologies