What is BYODD?

    Which year levels will be included in the BYODD program?

    What device will be designated under BYODD?

    Can my child use a device we already have at home?

    What if we can not afford the BYOD Device?

    What is AppleCare for Education?

    Where can we buy a laptop?



    What is BYODD?


    • BYODD stands for Bring Your Own Designated Device.
    • BYODD allows students to bring their designated personal technology device into the classroom. Bringing a designated or pre-approved device to school every day is a condition of enrolment at Marist Sisters’ College.

    Which year levels will be included in the BYODD program?


    Starting with the target year level is Year 7, however any student seeking to update their device will do so via the BYODD program.


    What device will be designated under BYODD?


    Either of the following devices will be required by students newly enrolled in MSCW:

    Years 7-12

    13” Apple Macbook Air (128gb or 256gb)   + AppleCare for Education

    13" Macbook Pro Retina(256gb or 512gb) + AppleCare for Education

    Specifics will be communicated to parents by the College during 4th quarter of the year prior to commencement. The device will need to meet the  BYOD Device Requirements published by Sydney Catholic Schools.


    Can my child use a device we already have at home?


    We need to ensure that the device is capable of doing what our teachers and students need it to. Having a standard device across the College helps prevent disruptions to learning resulting from failures or incompatibilities due to equipment that is too old, slow or lacks the necessary components.


    Please contact the College to enquire if your old Macbook meets all specifications of the device requirements.  If it does not meet these requirements it will be unable to access the wifi infrastructure.

    What if we can not afford the BYOD Device?


    Any family that has genuine concerns about their ability to provide a BYOD Device can apply to the College for financial support to assist in the provision of a designated laptop by contacting the College Business Manager.  


    What is AppleCare for Education?


    Apple Care for Education provides three years of on site warranty repairs from the date you purchased your hardware. In the context of MSCW onsite refers to MSCW being able to log and supervise the repair process on your behalf with an Apple certified technician visiting the College to assess and repair warranty claims. As an Apple certified tech completes the work, repairs, parts or service that is undertaken will not void any warranty remaining on the device.


    What happens if AppleCare for Education is not purchased?


    It is strongly recommended that the device purchased should include Apple Care for Education which provides 3 year on site warranty.

    The College can not assist in the processing of warranty repairs without Apple Care for Education.

    Devices purchased with standard Apple Care have a ‘back to base’ warranty, meaning the laptop may need to be sent interstate to be repaired.

    A device not covered by Apple Care for Education would need to be returned, by the family, to the retailer, or in some instances an Apple store, for warranty repairs and service. The potential for disruption to learning that results from time delays in dropping off, repairing and collecting devices from retailers or repair centres is high.

    Where can we buy a laptop?


    Families can source a laptop from any supplier.

    However, please be aware that many Apple re-sellers do not automatically supply the 3 year AppleCare warranty with the devices. Therefore, while the advertised price may be initially attractive, the true cost may be significantly higher once a 3 year warranty is purchased.


    In addition only Education suppliers are authorised to offer Apple Care for Education. Standard Apple

    Care means that the laptop will need to be returned to the supplier for repair which may mean being sent interstate for repairs. This would be a significant interruption to your child’s education.


    By purchasing an Apple Care for Education warranty the device's service or repair can be booked via the College's system and occur on site, generally providing a much quicker turn around.


    Will we be able to download songs, movies and other media on their device?


    If you do not activate parental controls your daughter will have local administrator rights to the device and will therefore be able to download and install any program or file they choose. However, all Internet activity, resources, email, copyright, etc on BYODD devices is governed by the Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) ICT Student Acceptable Use Policy.


    How should my daughter's new device be labelled as hers?


    All students are required to have the bottom case of the BYOD Device engraved with "MSCW" and their student identity number. Student identity numbers will be provided to Year 7 students in the orientation pack and to other students on request.


    It is strongly advised that you do not engrave a student's mobile number or surname on the device. If you wish to use an additional label we suggest a parent/guardian's NSW drivers' license number.


    If there is a problem with the device how will it be fixed?


    Students and their parents or caregivers are responsible for the care and maintenance of BYOD Devices including ensuring all up to date anti virus software is installed if necessary.


    The device should have been purchased with an on-site warranty for the first three years. During this time the repair may be carried out by an Apple Technician on the College grounds, during schools hours.


    Who will provide technical assistance at MSCW?


    The College will provide a wireless network with filtered internet connection to which BYOD Devices may be connected. MSCW ICT Support personnel will provide clear instructions for BYOD Devices to connect to the wireless network, to the internet and to Chrome, the preferred browser.




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