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The MSCW Ex-Student’s Association has three core aims, to –

increase membership in order to maintain and strengthen ties among former classmates
fund bursaries and gifts to the current student body, and donate items to the school
fund activities for the membership.


The Ex-Students Association is set up to –

  • keep in touch with friends,

  • find long lost friends where possible,

  • meet annually to celebrate our lives, our progress, and our Marist spirit,
  • raise funds to donate towards bursaries and gifts for current MSCW students, and

  • administer and maintain the Association to continue its outreach.


The Association is administered by an annually elected

Committee comprising a president, at least one

vice-president, treasurer, secretariat, and approximately

ten committee members (number unspecified).

Office bearers are elected at the Annual General

Meeting, conducted during the Annual Reunion in May,

each year. 



Senior office bearers may occupy a particular role for two successive years, then must stand aside from that office for at least one year. Nominations can be posted in advance, or submitted at the AGM.

The elected committee meets approximately six times per year to promote and discuss policy and funding, and to set up and organise gifts to the school and school students, and the Annual Reunion.


Keeping us up to date



Email us with your Change of Address Form

We look forward to keeping you informed. If you have any information you would like to share about events in your life, or news about any of our "Lost Lambs", please advise us by post or email.


There are so many "lost lambs", those with whom we’ve lost contact. If anyone knows how to reach someone, please ask them whether they’d like their latest contact details updated on our list.



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