About the College


The benefits of an all-girls school are evident in the fact that girls are always at centre stage. Of necessity they participate, take charge and get involved. The College leaders, scholars, captains, editors, musicians - they are all girls.

Girls have to be independent at an all-girls school. They are critical thinkers, self-starters, able learners and contributing team players.


Marist Sisters' College is not just a school with girls, it is a school for girls.


MSCW is a Systemic Catholic girls' College. It has a current enrolment of over 1000 girls and more than 80 teaching staff, with numerous support staff assisting in many areas of the College.


Marist Sisters' College is located on the Woolwich Peninsula. The Hunters' Hill area was inhabited by the Wallumedegal clan and Aboriginal people would have used the Woolwich area for thousands of years prior to European settlement.
The Woolwich lookout area and stone wall are the interface between the dock area and the Woolwich village. An entry and new walking track now provide a link to the sloping plain of the Goat Paddock, an excellent harbour viewing area and a view corridor from the water up to Woolwich Pier Hotel.


The College is located at 66a Woolwich Rd, Woolwich, 2110, directly opposite Weil Park.


Classes start at 8.45am, girls are expected to be on campus by 8.30am, with the school day concluding at 3.30pm.


Our catchment area is best described by a circle with the College at the centre and stretching from Meadowbank to Balmain. Most of the girls travel by bus and several girls catch the ferry.


MSCW's curriculum is aimed at accommodating the needs of the girls, and at preparing them to contribute - indeed to make a difference - to the twenty-first century.