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College House System

MSCW girls do not only identify with their academic Year, but also with their House. 
The College has six Houses –

which acknowledge our Marist historical background.


Each House has seven Tutor groups which include girls from Years 7 to 12. For the six years the girls attend the College, they work with the same Tutor group and have the same Tutor. The daily meetings of the Tutor group allows for regular personal contact between the girls and their Tutor. The Tutor's role is enormous - besides school matters, they are counselors for any students with personal problems, social co-ordinators for tutor group outings, even interior decorators, in making the room look attractive and tidy, and great mentors by providing role models for their girls.

This allows the girls to experience a family atmosphere in the House and the College and they stay with their Tutor Group for all of their time at the College.  This system allows for new students to feel part of a close, supportive community immediately that they arrive at the College.  The Tutor is the focus person in the Tutor Group and is responsible for and committed to the care and well being of all members of the Tutor Group and is the first point of contact between the home and the College. 
Each fortnight there is a longer pastoral meeting. House groups organise a range of activities at the College including House Masses, College celebrations, fundraising events for charities, and Inter House and College competitions.


The leadership team of each House is made up of the Co-Captains and the Liturgy Captain.
These students are instrumental in: 

  • Caring for the House Community
  • Organisation of House activities
  • Galvanising House spirit
  • Encouraging participation in House and College events
  • Providing worthy role models for all House members

    In particular, the Co Captains are the driving force of the House and are responsible for energizing the Senior Cohort. All Girls in Year 12 are leaders!  It is they who oversee all House activities from organisation of fundraising, to participation in House and College events; Foundress Day, Gala Day, Open Days, Swimming Carnivals, Athletics Carnivals, Cross Country and representing the House at House Assemblies and presentations. 
    The Liturgy Captain represents the House at College Liturgies, taking an active part in College Masses, and House Masses and Liturgies. 


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