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House Patron.

Perroton House is named after the founder of the Marist Missionary Sisters, Marie-Francoise Perroton. The girls of Perroton are encouraged to look towards Marie- Francoise Perroton as a role model in regards to Respect, Guidance and Courage.


‘Marie Francoise Perroton was an exceptional woman who went out on a mission in a way that was unheard of for women in that time.’

House Crest

Our House Motto



The singular motto of Perroton.

It can be seen that each and every girl displays this both in and out of the school, with their active participation in school activities and in their daily lives.


As seen on our crest Perroton House is located near the river in a scenic and quiet part of the College, a place where every girl in Perroton is able to call her ‘home away from home.’

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House Fundraising

Marist Missionary Sisters are engaged in missionary activity in twenty-nine countries of the Pacific, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. Perroton House continues to raise money for such missions, donating all proceeds of fundraising week to a new Marist mission being established in Papua New Guinea.


Participation in School Activities