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House Patron.

Marcellin Champagnat is the patron of Marcellin House at MSCW.  Marcellin was born in 1789 and was very much a child of the French revolution.  He came from ordinary peasant stock in rural France and grew up happily on his father’s at Rosey, near Lyons.  At the age of fifteen, Marcellin made the decision to undertake study for the priesthood.  He was a young man who found formal academic study very difficult and experienced great loneliness, away from family and friends, while studying at the seminary.  After many years of arduous study, Marcellin was ordained as priest on July 16th, 1816.  While at the seminary, Marcellin was drawn to a group of priests who had a special devotion to Mary.  From this time, Marcellin envisaged a branch of this Society of Mary that would be devoted to educating the poor.  His experience at Berne with the less fortunate galvanized Marcellin and as a result, he founded a group of like minded men we know today as the Marist Brothers.  True to the charism of Marcellin Champagnat, these men have devoted their lives to the education of young people throughout the world.

Marcellin, ‘Great Man of God’, was officially recognised by the Church and was canonised St Marcellin Champagnat in 1999.
House Crest

Our House Motto
Perceive, Believe and Achieve.

A motto in which we all work towards and

incorporate in our daily lives here at MSCW.


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House News - Fundraising.

Marcellin House has been involved in fundraising activities since the inception of the House System at MSCW.  For the past eight years, our fundraising activities have been focused on particular Marist Initiatives.  Up until 2005, our fundraising activities have been directed to the MAPS (Marists in the Asia Pacific).  Over this time Marcellin House has provided funds to projects in Bougainville, and the Solomon Islands.  This year our focus shifted to Marist Mission International and through the Marist Mission Centre at Hunters Hill, Marcellin House raised funds for refugee projects to provide assistance for the Karen Refugees from Burma, in various camps and facilities in Thailand along the Thai/Burma border.  Our fundraising takes place for a week and is centred round the feast of St Marcellin Champagnat.  Over the years, the generosity of the girls and their families has been outstanding and the Marist Mission Centre has graciously acknowledged their contributions


Participation in School Activities

Marcellin House is enthusiastic in participating in all of the College activities.  The major sporting activities are the Athletics’ Carnival, the Swimming Carnival and the Cross Country

This year we celebrated a Marist Week at MSCW at a House and a College level.  The College had commissioned a statue of Jeanne Marie Chavoin, the Foundress of the Marist Sisters, to the celebrate the Centenary of the College and to commemorate the sesqui-centenary of Jeanne Marie Chavoin’s death. The statue was blessed in a dedication ceremony that was attended by many Marist Sisters in the P.J. Eymard Hall  The Senior Leaders 2006/7 organised a morning of House activities including Inter Tutor Group competitions in Trivia, Charades and ‘Making a Mummy’  This was followed by lunch, which the Seniors served and then the College leaders provided the College Community with a concert in the afternoon.  A great day was had by all.