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House Patron.

Jaricot House is named after Pauline Jaricot (1799 - 1852) of Lyons, France, who is credited with the founding of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith and the organising of the Society of the Living Rosary.

Pauline was born in 1799 to a wealthy French family in Lyon. At that time, in France and the whole world, there were many people with troubles and deprivations, and from her early teenage years until her death in 1862, she tried to care for them. At eighteen, she began one of her most amazing works - to raise funds for the work of missions in far off lands. By 1822 a well organised mission aid work to be known as the Society for the Propagation of the Faith was established. Pauline Jaricot died a pauper, still trying to repay debts she incurred whilst trying to help those less fortunate. In 1881, Pope Leo XIII named her as the foundress of this principal work of the Church's mission aid.


Jaricot House was first introduced into the school community of Marist Sisters' College on Wednesday 7th November 1991 as one of two new colour houses formed with the expansion of the House system. Taking Pauline Jaricot for House patron, Jaricot has since grown into a warm, caring House environment for girls from Years 7 to 12. At the beginning of the school year 2000, Jaricot House expanded from six tutor groups to seven, adding J7 to its ranks.

House Crest

Our House Motto

'Striving Together'


This reflects a house spirit of friendliness, support and co-operation. Jaricot's official House song is to the tune of ‘Lean on Me” which also reflects a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The Jaricot Tutor Groups
 Jaricot House consists of seven fantastic Tutor Groups which are home to the 150 Jaricot girls in the House. The House colour of Jaricot is a vibrant Magenta.


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House News - House Leadership.

Pauline Jaricot is an appropriate role model for Jaricot students in that she concerned herself with the marginalised people in her society and abroad, as well as being able to inspire folk in the more affluent levels pf society to charity. Pauline Jaricot is an inspiration to all Jaricot students for her quiet devotion and solid faith, and the sacrifices which she made in order to so what she considered right. Pauline Jaricot worked tirelessly and selflessly for the poor and the weak, and strove to make a difference in any way that she could. Her helping hands have been felt across the whole world for 175 years. Today, as 175 years ago, Catholic Mission goes out to the whole world, proclaiming the Good News to all people so that they may have life.


In May this year the 2009– 2010 Leaders in Jaricot House received their Leadership badges with great pride. The twenty-one girls in Year 11 were appointed the new College Leaders and within this group nine of the girls were presented with their badges for Senior Office Bearer positions.

The Liturgy leader is responsible for the religious and charity pursuits of the House, whilst our Media leader is responsible for all House communications and newsletters. These positions support the roles of the House Co-Captain and the girls work closely with each other in the organisation and facilitation of House activities.

Along with the House based Senior Office Bearers Jaricot House is also represented in 2009-2010 by five other positions.

Whether participating in or supporting Athletics and Swimming Carnivals, organising House functions or participating in inter-House competitions, Jaricot House members are known for their sense of fun and loyalty to their House.


Gala Day Events
In term four each year the College community comes together to celebrate Gala Day. The day consists of some serious competition between the six Houses across five events. The Year Seven girls sing Salve Regina and a song of their own choice, Year Eight put their dancing skills to the test in what always shapes up to be the hottest event of the day, Year Nine high-kick and cheer there way to the finish line in the Cheerleading competition and Year Ten performs in a pantomime competition. It is a great day for all and really builds House spirit.

Jaricot House fundraising focuses on the raising money for the charitable organisation of the Catholic Mission and the great wrok this organisation does to establish vital infrastructure in developing countries such as irrigation, schools, wells and hospitals. The leadership Team organises Cake Days, Sausage Sizzles, Magenta Munchies and Pink Patisserie  to help raise essential funds. The students and staff of Jaricot House would like to thank all of those who donated money and supported the activities we ran.


Marist Day
This year we celebrated Marist Day at MSCW at a House and a College level.
 The Senior Leaders organise a morning of House activities including Inter Tutor Group competitions in Trivia, Charades and ‘Making a formal dress’ from newspaper as well as some hands on challenges.  This is followed by lunch and then the College leaders for provide the College Community with a concert in the afternoon.  A great day is had by all.