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House Patron.


Chavoin House is named after the Foundress of the Marist Sisters, Jeanne-Marie Chavoin. 
She as our House Patron has many aspects that the House, Students and Staff, can find inspirational.

Blue is significant as it is one of the traditional colours of Mary, Our Mother.  Using the colour blue as our identification, we are reminded of our closeness to Mary. 


The life and work of Jeanne-Marie Chavoin was indeed interesting, varied and vital but it is important to look to her as an inspiration for today.  Jeanne –Marie as a woman of strength, humility, realism, and insight offers much that our developing young women can be guided by.    These virtues with Jeanne-Marie’s sensitivity to the needs of others are important in our relationships and our work in the world.  The girls of Chavoin are encouraged to follow in her footsteps by being intelligent, lively, kind and generous.  In this way, Chavopin House can truly, “make a difference”.


House Crest

Our House Motto

Excellence Above Glory.


The Chavoin House Crest is there to inspire the members of the House in many ways.  There are six main elements of the Crest.   The first of these is our favourite colour BLUE.
The second element of the crest is the image of the tree.  This tree is actually a jacaranda tree. The third element of the Crest is reflected in white coloured leaves around the sides and above the Motto.  Just as trees experience change so do we develop and grow.  As girls finish school and leave, new girls come to be part of the family tree and then our growth as a whole continues. The fourth element is the Marist Symbol the leaves are leading to.  This is the symbol of the entwined A and M for Ave Maria, signifying our very special place as Marists and followers of Mary, Our Mother.  This is top[ed with the crown of stars, another traditional symbol of Mary as Queen of Heaven.   The fifth element is the House Motto: “Excellence Above Glory”.  This means to strive to do our personal and our shared best in all we do.  The real praise comes from within ourselves when we know we have done our very best and applied the best effort possible.  In this we can emulate the life of our Patron, Jeanne-Marie Chavoin.  It is the name “Chavoin”, the sixth element of the Crest that concludes this section.


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House Song

As blue as the ocean, as blue as the sky “Excellence Above Glory”, we fly our motto high
The dream of Jeanne-Marie Chavoin for all of humankind
To learn and grow in God’s great love, the Marist heart and mind.
We’re Chavoin, we are the Blue House Our Tutor Groups are standing side by side
We are a team, for years to come I am you are, we are ‘true blue’ Chavoin.
Our spirit and our friendships are with us every day
Through all of life’s endeavours, together all the way
We share in learning and in fun with heart and winning smiles
With all our friends and family we strive hard all the while.


Participation in School Activities

I have participated in tutor group dinners and other events and have noticed that we have all become more like family. In my homeroom it’s easy to share our thoughts and if anything wrong there is always someone there to assist you and I know this because I’ve helped one of my friends sort out her friendship problems. For our sports carnivals I try and get into the spirit a lot. I’m not a good runner but enter into events trying my best. I dress up without any complaints and cheer my house on when needed.

Tutor Group/s: 332

Year Group/s: 8


For example: Circles: Our tutor room get into the things we discuss in circles and sometimes we go past the topic onto things we really care about. Even though I've only been here for three terms I already feel like a true Chavoin girl and I have advanced to this stage with the help from the activities we do in circles.

Tutor Group/s: 331

Year Group/s: Year 7


Tutor Group – We all love and care for each other. We are welcoming and always willing to lend a hand.

Gala Day – We put in a great amount of time and effort into the preparation and performances on the day.

Friendship – We all support each other without leaving anyone out.

Tutor Group/s: 335

Year Group/s: Yr 8