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House Patron.

Chanel House is named after the Marist missionary, St. Peter Chanel who was martyred in 1841 on the island of Futuna. We recognise his contribution to the Marists by ensuring the Chanel motto- 'Reaching outwards and upwards' is at the essence of everything we do in Chanel House.

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Reaching Outwards and Upwards


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About House Leadership

The Year 12’s in Chanel House are considered to be an important part of the Chanel machine. Working alongside the House Co-ordinators, they help with the various activities- fundraising, House Assemblies, Year 7 Orientation as well as Inter-House Competitions and all Sports Carnivals.

While all girls are considered as leaders, there are opportunities for senior office in several positions at House level, each with different functions and purposes.

As a token of appreciation for all their dedication and hard work, it is a tradition in Chanel House for the Yr 7-11’s to give the Year 12’s a Farewell lunch and concert in which gifts are given. Chanel House recognizes the importance of the Year 12 leaders by promoting leadership as a way to serve. The leaders are trained at  Leadership Days for the Yr 11’s. This has led to some excellent captains in Chanel House being elected and is obviously a key factor in the growing force of Chanel House spirit.
Therefore Chanel House is a perfect example of the great success of MSCW’s pastoral care and house systems, in which all the students come to know one another and develop a sense of unity which is valued both during and after high school. It is clear that Chanel House is the result of the continuous efforts of every staff member and student who belong to it. GO CHANEL !


Participation in School Activities

Chanel House does many things as a group, during Assembly or sometimes even in Forum (all 150 of us!)
We have many annual events within the House. The Athletics and Swimming Carnivals are regular occurrences. Chanel House has an amazing sense of House loyalty and patriotism and at these events; this all contributes to phenomenal levels of enthusiasm. Cheering is ear-splitting, participation rates are fantastically high and individual results are consistently good. Involvement is one area in MSCW where Chanel has a clear lead.


Since 2006 the College has instituted Marist Day so that all students can focus on and celebrate the Marist tradition of our school. The day starts with a liturgy, then moves into fun filled activities, followed by a house lunch and a whole school concert organised by the Year 11 Leadership team. This is also a day where the girls are asked to make a donation to help support our Marist Charities especially the Missions in Fiji and the Philippines.

Gala Day is another whole school event where the houses compete in various activities in the hope of winning the Gala Day Cup. The events include –
Year 7 – Singing 
Year 8 – Dancing Year 9 – Cheerleading 
 Year 10 – Video.
Chanel had a great deal of laughter as well as hard work in Term 4 getting ready to compete. The effort and commitment of all involved helped to make the final production highly entertaining for the rest of the school!